You are warmly welcome to participate Future Mathematics webinar that will be held on 11th January at 11:00-12:00 (CET). The main purpose of webinar is to discuss about mathematics teaching and learning in digitalized world. The webinar is one promotion event of Future Mathematics EU project.

The themes of webinar will be as follows:
     - What will be mathematics learning in the future?
     - New learning technologies in mathematics teaching and learning
     - Online assessment in mathematics

The webinar will be held in English at:

Piloting phase has started at STU in December 2017.
On March 19th 2018 a Webinar took place.
On April 9th 2018 a webinar was cellebrated (two sessions) in the framework of piloting activities.
On May 24th 2018 a webinar was cellebrated afterthe piloting activities which took place in parallel with the transnational meeting held in TAMK.

Despre FutureMath

Proiectul FutureMath isi propune sa raspunda cerintelor societatii moderne de a face invatarea si predarea matematicii mai digitalizata, mai eficienta si ma accesibila.

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