Project goal

Project goal


Future Mathematics strives to meet the current needs of teachers and learners alike. Today’s students are accustomed to learning with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies. Mathematics educators who wish to implement these technologies in their classroom teaching are often deterred in doing so due to time restraints. The Mathematics Learning Platform (MLP) is designed for acquiring or sharing digital teaching and learning resources in an Open Educational Resource setting, thus promoting a supportive community of mathematics educators involved in the digitization process.

The FutureMath project aims to respond to the requirements of modern society and to make mathematics' learning and teaching more digitalized, effective and accessible. Additionally, the aim is to explore and develop the most motivational, learner centered methods, techniques and resources for engineering mathematics learning and teaching with the help of technology. All the learning resources developed in the project will be made available for free under the idea of Open Source or Open Educational Resource (OER).

The project is funded by the EU under the ERASMUS+ Program, with reference 2015-1-FI01-KA203-009044.




22. január 2015



O FutureMath

Projekt FutureMath má za cieľ reagovať na potreby modernej spoločnosti zmenou vyučovania matematiky jeho digitalizáciou, zefektívnením a zabezpečením jeho všeobecnej dostupnosti..
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