The Future Mathematics project was initiated to support modern-day teachers and students by providing a platform as well as resources for teaching and learning in digital form.


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest technical university in Spain. It consists of twenty Schools plus two Faculties that cover most engineering disciplines as well as Architecture and Sports Science.

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava is a modern educational and scientific institution. Since its foundation in 1937 more than 110.000 students have graduated. In average, 16.000 students study at the STU every year.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) offers Bachelor and Master level studies for 10.000 students in six fields of study. TAMK is an internationally oriented multidisciplinary higher education institution.

The Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest (TUCEB) is the praiseworthy heir of a two-century old tradition in specialized higher education. Its most important task is the training of highly competent specialists.

The Erasmus+ programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work. The seven year programme will have a budget of €14.7 billion; a 40% increase compared to current spending levels, reflecting the EU's commitment to investing in these areas.

O FutureMath

Projekt FutureMath má za cieľ reagovať na potreby modernej spoločnosti zmenou vyučovania matematiky jeho digitalizáciou, zefektívnením a zabezpečením jeho všeobecnej dostupnosti..
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