The consortium

The project consortium consists of 4 university partner. The partners for the consortium have been selected due to the different areas of expertise needed for achieving the objectives of the project. The project partners’ range of expertise and experience in several projects has been valuable in defining the steps needed to optimize the outputs.

The project consortium does not have a common history, but each project partner has cooperated in projects or somehow else prior to this project. This with the intense cooperation in planning the project and making the application together have guaranteed that the project consortium is welded together as a team, greatly contributing to the smooth conduct of the eventual project. All project partners have experience in EU-funded projects and the coordinating partner is an experienced project coordinator.

Each project partner has a tailor-made role in the project. The project consortium consists of two teams: team mathematics and team technology. TAMK, TUCEB and STUBA mostly participate in mathematics team and UPM and TAMK in technology team respectively. Naturally these two teams will closely cooperate. In a nutshell, team mathematics is mostly responsible about the developments related to the mathematics (assessment, pedagogy, production of learning resources etc.), whereas team technology is responsible about the technical innovation and implementations. The coordinator of mathematics team is TAMK and technology team is UPM.

TAMK carries the main responsibility of project management, keeping close contacts to all partners. There is a special support office at TAMK, Project management services, which assist TAMK’s projects in financial administration, guaranteeing the high level of TAMK coordinated projects. TAMK brings the pedagogical expertise and mathematics teaching and learning expertise and experience to the project. TAMK will also take part to the technology team bringing the pedagogical perspectives for technology integration. In recent years, the participating lecturers have been researched e.g. impact of video lecturing in mathematics context.
UPM will be the leader of the technology team. They will bring to the project a strong expertise in the field of Information Systems and Telecommunication. They have a wide experience of international research activity and have leaded projects and have specialities such as e.g. DVB (digital video broadcasting) systems, applications and services integration, communication systems etc.
UTCB has a lot of experience about the project working. They contribute in the project with the previous experience of project working but also their expertise in mathematics. They will also organize a seminar/workshop in Romania that is one of the main dissemination events of the project. With the help of this event, it is hoped to reach the teachers and researchers also from the eastern of Europe.
STUBA research staff involved in the project will actively participate on the development and publication of the main project results and on organization of the dissemination event. During annually organized international conferences at the STU in Bratislava on applied mathematics - Aplimat 2016, Aplimat 2017, special section on mathematical education of engineering students is held, where all project partners will present project results to conference participants. Information workshop on international level can be also organized during the bi-annual SEFI Mathematics Working Group seminars held in June 2016 in Gothenburg. University staff will also take part in dissemination of information on other project events.

O FutureMath

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