Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) offers Bachelor and Master level studies for 10 000 students in six fields of study.

TAMK is an internationally oriented multidisciplinary higher education institution. TAMK is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland. TAMK concentrates on promoting wellbeing and health, economy and production as well as learning and creativity. TAMK offers education and related research, development and innovation services in. In addition to professional degree studies, there are versatile possibilities for extension studies. TAMK also provides pedagogical qualification required of teachers in universities of applied sciences and vocational institutions. The education focuses on technology, business, culture, media and arts, as well as health and social welfare services. TAMK offers 4 Bachelor's degree programmes in English. TAMK also offers Master's degree programme in International Project Management, IT, Screenwriting and Management and Economy in the International Forest Sector in English. In the field of international education TAMK is an active member of Future Learning Finland, which is a national education export programme offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally. TAMK’s profile both as a modern and dynamic education institution as well as an active project actor allows for genuine, long-lasting and confidential partnerships with companies and SMEs, as well as with public and third sector organizations.

Regarding the management and coordination of projects, TAMK has strong experience in running and participating in projects funded by several funding instruments (TEKES, ESF, ERDF, Lifelong Learning, etc.). TAMK’s project staff has professional experience, skills and competences in managing projects, while its administration is specialized in financial management, accounting and reporting.
TAMK's development themes related to all operations are as follows
  • future expertise and learning,
  • customer relations and partnerships,
  • successful focus areas,
  • internationalization.
TAMK has outstanding expertise in four chosen focus areas: new operational models for health care and social services, intelligent machines and smart devices, energy-efficient and healthy buildings, and entrepreneurship and innovative business TAMK’s research and development portfolio includes a wide range of successful local, regional, national and international projects.
TAMK has a strong expertise and experience about the educational development projects both nationally and internationally. In recent years, our research teams have been concentrated on developing mathematics and programming teaching. Not only the tools have been developed but also solving the pedagogical issues have been the core of the projects. For example the EU-projects Codewitz and MALog produced novel collection of learning resources with respect of individual learning. Furthermore, the project team has been concentrated on enhancing learning with new educational technology. Additionally to these, The School of Vocational Teacher Education located in TAMK provides that the latest trends and research results related to the learning is available also for the project working.

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