UTCB Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

The Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest (TUCEB) is the praiseworthy heir of a two-century old tradition in specialized higher education.

The most important task of the TUCEB is the training of highly competent specialists in the fields of Civil Engineering, Systems Engineering, Automatics and Computer Science, Management in Engineering, having the capacity and appropriate scientific, technical and managing skills needed for their optimal integration according to the requirements of the Romanian and European economy today. With its rich specialty engineering tradition and outstanding teaching staff, our University now stands out by its degree of competitiveness, performance and professionalism at a national and international level.
The TUCEB as an institution is accredited for all higher education programs - Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate – in full agreement with its major aim of promoting excellence in training and research.
The academic staff includes around 520 members involved in the professional formation of approximately 8,000 students for the first two learning cycles, and over 600 students following Doctoral studies. Along with this noble mission, the members of the teaching staff, as well as our students are focused on research, design and consultancy activities, being highly appreciated at national level for their competence in finding the appropriate solutions for the most complex problems.
Another component of the activity of TUCEB is focused on international relationships, promoted both at the level of the teaching staff and at the level of scientific research. Links with over 100 universities from 27 countries represent a solid basis for strengthening and diversifying the international relationships of our University.
The Department of Mathematics and computer science is the biggest department in TUCEB, which delivers all the courses in mathematics and computer science and also coordinates the Centre for research in mathematics and informatics.
TUCEB team is expert in teaching mathematics and computer science, having a large experience in producing learning materials in mathematics and programming languages and also in using new technologies of learning. TUCEB team has also a wide experience of European and Latin American level co-operation in different educational projects. In earlier projects their one of the most valuable speciality has been the organization of high quality workshops in Bucharest. The role in this project for TUCEB is to share the experiences from earlier projects in the area of the project. TUCEB partner will be fully involved in mentoring the development of the project tasks and also in organizing a dissemination workshop in Romania.

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