Technical University of Madrid

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest technical university in Spain. 10.000 students have graduated.

The Univerisdad Politécnica de Madrid (Technical University of Marid) consists of twenty Schools plus two Faculties that cover most engineering disciplines as well as Architecture and Sports Science. UPM has more than 3,000 faculty members, around 38,000 undergraduate students, and around 8,000 graduate and doctoral students. About 5,000 students graduate every year. UPM is focused on higher education and research. UPM as a top quality academic establishment has a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation, boasting 217 Research Units and 19 Research Centres and Institutes, contributing significantly to the international scientific community with a high number of journal papers, conference communications, and PhD theses. UPM has a long tradition of collaboration with Industry (around 50% of its R&D funding) and participation in international R&D programs.
Concerning the UPM participation in FP7, the University has taken part up to now in 242 European R&D projects with more than 64 M€ of funding, ranked first Spanish University. As for Educational Programs is concerned, UPM takes part in five EMMCs, being coordinator of one of them, and in two EMJDs. UPM also participates in twelve EMA2 projects. Due to historical reasons and common language UPM plays a pivotal role in Latin America. Every year UPM funds around 40 cooperation projects with LAC institutions. UPM is a full member of the major LAC technological university associations (LACCEI, ASIBEI, HACU, Tordesillas Group, etc). UPM promoted the creation of a Network made up of European and Latin American and Caribbean Technological Institutions. This Network, called Magalhães, has smoothly been running for nine years.
The school of Teoría de la Señal y Comunicaciones of UPM has participated and directed several competitive national and international research in the field of ICT. Actually, one of the main lines of their development is a research activity.
UPM will be the leader of the technology team. They will bring to the project a strong expertise in the field of Information Systems and Authentic Assessment. They has a long history about information systems and innovation in education. In particular, the research group of the UPM participating in this project has led education innovation projects supported by the university in order to improve students skills through the development of assessment and evaluation tools, specifically for the Digital Signal Processing subject which is developed on the basis of a good background in mathematics. The academics in the research group are used to manage b-learning platforms which will support the development of this project to succeed. Several tools and strategies have been successfully used to improve the students skills in different courses.

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