Project innovation

Project innovation

The FutureMath project develops pedagogical methods and resources to teach and learn mathematics more effectively by providing personalized learning possibilities with the help of ubiquitous technology. The underlying notion is to support digitalization of European engineering mathematics education in a large scale. By these means, it is supposed to improve the efficiency, accessibility and quality of mathematics teaching and learning on European level which, in fact, is one of the four common objectives of EU's Strategic Framework of Education and Training 2020. Additionally, as an impact of the project, improving of transversal and basic skills (ET2020), such as digital skills and mathematical skills, will be a central focus. With these actions, it is expected not only to develop innovative learning approaches but also to enrich the teaching, support pesonalized learning and increase the flexibility and attractiveness.
In addition to the mathematics learning platform (MLP), the proposed project aims to develop innovative pedagogical methods, techniques, materials and resources not only to teach and learn mathematics but also to assess mathematics' learning. The key approaches while planning the resources are i.e. collective thinking, collaboration and shared problem solving skills - the skills that are necessary for success in working life. Furthermore project resources will respect individual learning solutions. Therefore, different learning types will be taken into account in the project’s material production. In this way, it is also possible to decrease the inequality among different kinds of learners.
Overall, the one main objective of this project is to increase the global large-scale awareness about the possibilities ubiquitous technology offers for mathematics learning throughout MLP. Our aim is to make mathematics learning more motivational, interesting and increase accessibility and the alternative modern methods for mathematics learning.




22. január 2015



O FutureMath

Projekt FutureMath má za cieľ reagovať na potreby modernej spoločnosti zmenou vyučovania matematiky jeho digitalizáciou, zefektívnením a zabezpečením jeho všeobecnej dostupnosti..
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